Proactive Network support local charities such as Gangs Unite.

Gangs Unite CIC is a non profit organisation that focuses on providing engaging platforms and interactive support to young people most at risk of anti-social behaviour, gang culture, and the wider youth community, by providing opportunities to make the most of their current situation, divert those in need and provide pathways to continued education, further training or job opportunities. Gang’s Unite is driven by its vision and mission, with a primary focus to deliver a quality service for young people, the community and its partners.

Gangs Unite






King Solomon High School

King Solomon is a successful school. Their students achieve excellent results and go on to study at some of the top universities in the country. King Solomon prides itself on teaching its students to become independent adults; making the most of every opportunity. We also encourage them to become fully participating members of their community. King Solomon High School is linked with a local primary school, IJPS. IJPS is moving to the King Solomon campus and needs help raising funds to build a state of the art Primary School building.