Exchange 2010

Contact, collaborate and share with Hosted Exchange 2010. Choose a platform that guarantees you a safe and secure, quality environment with complete peace of mind.

ProNet's platform is a cloud-based Exchange hosting solution using Microsoft's popular Exchange Server 2010.

Fully synced email, calendars and contacts

Perfect for ensuring your business's emails, contacts and calendars are fully synced and managed, providing an efficient platform for all employees to work from. Our powerful Hosted Exchange 2010 technology is the ultimate Exchange hosting solution suitable for all business sizes, both large and small.

ProNet has been delivering the highest level of customer care for more than 12 years, and is highly regarded as one of the leading Exchange hosting providers in the UK.


Exchange Hosting

ProNet full-featured Hosted Exchange includes:

  • 25GB per mailbox
  • 3 month or 12 month plans
  • Shared and synced calendars and contacts
  • Full Outlook integration
  • Mobile ‘push’ technology
  • Award-winning Anti-Spam/Virus



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