Companies with a leading edge are making the best use of their staff time and have controlling costs high on the agenda.

ProNet Virtual Office can help your organisation to lower its overheads by allowing your staff to work remotely.

ProNet is a specialist in remote working making the virtual office a reality with features including:

  • Access to company data
  • Safe and secure access to the company network

The benefits of a 'work remotely' solution include:

  • Savings to staff overheads and running costs.
  • Simpler statutory compliance and employment law obligations.
  • A flexible labour force giving greater control over the expansion of costly premises.
  • More motivated and productive employees accelerate a company's development.
  • Being able to pilot a new position with a skilled cost effective professional.
  • Being seen as a modern progressive employer of choice.
  • Filling regular positions with full-time, part-time, job-share or flexi hours with 'work remotely' or work-at-the-office-and-at-home positions


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